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          New Products
          SES8619AG Details

          SOP-8,100V, 21A

          RDS(ON) = 9.5mΩ (Max.) @ VGS = 10V, ID = 20A

          SEF8619AG Details

          TO-220F,100V, 40A

          RDS(ON) = 9.5mΩ (Max.) @ VGS = 10V, ID = 20A

          SEG8619AG Details

          PDFN5*6,100V, 60A

          RDS(ON) = 9.5mΩ (Max.) @ VGS = 10V, ID = 20A

          WS2260 Details

          Synchronous rectifier controller


          Max Oper. Frequency = 700kHz

          WS2597A Details

          650V SOP7 MOS

          Output Power = 6W

          Max Vdd = 25V

          WS9056X Details

          Non-isolated LED driver IC.Built-in MOS with different power segments to cover different application requirements.

          WS5921S Details

          Emergency Detection Controller IC.Strong anti-interference.Maximum discharge current 1A.

          WS9035K Details

          Non-isolated LED driver IC,SOP-4,Power Range(175VAC-264VAC) :110V/130mA

          Application Support
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